Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finding One's Own Place in the World

In this entry I forgot to include that I'm a bookworm. I'm fond of reading short stories, novels, and essays both in English and Filipino. Some of my favorites are Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, Nectar on a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya, My Brother, My Executioner by F. Sionil Jose, various Tagalog short stories and essays by great Filipino writers, and of course, Jose Rizal's novels Noli and El Fili.

Whenever I'm on a friend's house, I always look for his/her book collections, and if I find myself liking to read some, I borrow it from him/her. THen when I go home, I read until the wee hours of the night, just to finish the entire reading. I love stories with passionate love and revenge concepts. I'm hooked with stories about undeniable facts, and those which depict both real and futuristic fictions.

One day when I was still in grade school, I was arranging my book collections when I found one interesting book. It is a compilation of Newberry-winning book excerpts, essays, and short stories. I read it and found it really cool. Most especially, Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary. It was the 1984 Newberry Winner. It is about a boy named Leigh Botts who has been Boyd Henshaw's fan since grade two. Leigh lives with his divorced mother. His father is a cross-country truck driver who lost his dog Bandit while driving on mountain steeps. As Leigh grows old, his passion to become a writer reflects the way he writes to Mr. Henshaw. Mr. Henshaw suggested Leigh that if he really wants to become a writer, then he should write in his diary everyday. Through his diary, the feeling of sorrow on his parent's separation became noticeable. He also told stories about the schoolmate who has been stealing his lunch (where he made a burglar alarm to catch the culprit!) and his feeling of loneliness at school, being a "new kid".

I just love this story because it reflects my passion of becoming and meeting a real live writer someday. I dreamed of producing my own books and extending my imaginings and stories to people, mostly to inspire them and make a change on their lives, no matter how big or small that change will be.

Sadly, I can't find that book anymore at my mini-library. Since I entered college, I had less time on reading my books. Maybe one day I'll go to a bookstore and find Dear Mr. Henshaw. Then I will again enjoy myself again reading such a plain, but funny and cool story about Leigh.


De Liver
De Letter
De Sooner
De Better
De Later
De Letter
De Madder
I Getter

from (by-then-a-6th-grader) Leigh's Sept.20 letter to Mr. Henshaw when the first asked the later to send the letter sooner about an author report Leigh's teacher asked them to do.


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