Friday, November 16, 2007

Cris Mendez case: an update

I don't know him personally but when I heard of the news about Cris Mendez, a UP student who allegedly died of hazing, I was saddened as if I am his close relative or a good buddy. After all, there was no reason for me not to feel grief because aside from the fact that I'm emotionally sensitive when I see or learn about deaths, Cris and I have some similarities. Admittedly, some (this, and this) of my fictional posts were written because of what happened to him.

Through Friendster I knew one of Cris' friend Swazie. She included in her blog their last pictures with him. I felt more sad and realized that we'll really never know when a person close to our hearts will die. They never knew it was the last time they will see Cris alive.

A fund-raising concert, entitled "Shout for Justice, Rock for Cris", was then conducted by the school in benefit for Cris' family. I learned it from Swazie's Friendster bulletin post. I replied and told her I want to help. We met at Trinoma (the time Elliot Yamin had his concert there) and bought two tickets, unassured if I and a close buddy of mine will be able to attend the event. Sept. 27 (the concert date) came and unfortunately we weren't able to attend. But at least through my own little way I helped Cris' family.

To learn about the case's recent updates, I searched on GMANews.TV but I was dissatisfied and felt sad with what I saw. Still no show for Sigma Rhoans. Still, the case is unresolved. No follow-up articles for the latest one which happened to be written a month ago.

I am overwhelmed by the hopes of those who voted in my poll, expressing that Cris' case will be resolved in some time. I want to believe the poll, I want to appreciate the effort of those who continue on praying and hoping that a justice will soon prevail. But the big question keeps on rocking my mind: Is this journey a journey to success or a journey to nothing?

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