Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My favorite posts of my blogger friends

Just thought of something new to post. And here it is. Haha.

Been like 7 months since I blogged here at Blogspot, and since then, I've gained and known a lot of friends. Through reading their blogs I've had an idea of what they are, how they do, their perspective on things, and etc. Some of their posts are funny, some are dramatic, and some needs a little concern to be considered...logical, and, relevant. :D

Now I'm putting here my favorite posts of all my Blogger friends. I'll include the link (of course!) and I'll explain why that post of him/her has become my favorite.


For Ely, I have three (3) favorite posts.

1.) Boy Suplado
2.) Who's Who? and
3.) After all, work should be fun

This guy is really good in writing. He always puts up his interest on making posts that's why people are eager to read his works.

Boy Suplado is his, really, first post that I can't help but laughing about. The last customer is sooo makulit, haha. She can't even identify where to find a tab or where to point to so she kept on asking right or left. Haha! The result? A monstrous Ely emerged. The lesson? There's no such thing as double right click. Haha!

Who's Who is a post about look-alike celebrities. Really funny. I think the pair that showed the most resemblance was Doris Bigornia and Susan Enriquez. Haha. Makes sense?

Haha! To see a different Ely, CLick my 3rd favorite post of him. Sayang lang because he wasn't able to show his gown during their Flores de Mayo. Haha! This post also gave me idea on how work should be. AFter all, it should be fun. True. Always true. I recalled during my first weeks at Sykes (Ely's company too) as an intern, I thought fun would be of minimal concern, because since I was assigned as a programmer, I have to focus on things, to concentrate and learn. But it's really not focusing or learning that has satisfied me. It's the fun on doing it. If you're too serious on your work, you'll end up losyang. That's true. That's one of the virtues I've learned on my 7-week stay at Sykes. Enjoy what you're doing, but always remember to balance things. Set your priorities and you'll never regret on your decisions. That's proven and tested. :-)


1.) Now that you are leaving

Probably Chio's longest post (pics credited), this entry reminded me of one virtue that I will always remember. It is also the last line of his post.

Don't cry because you think it's over, smile because it happened...

But I still hate goodbyes! Especially long goodbyes... :"(


1.) Warp Us!

Pictures are really funny. Faces of Billy's classmates were being transformed into aliens, gobblers, insects, and even professors! lol. By just adjusting some settings on his K610i phone, he was able to shoot his classmates' faces and turn them into out-of-this world beings. Haha!


1.) Mga Pwede Pang Gawan ng Remake sa TV

Haha. This post is cool. Due to the immense remakes of shows on Philippine TV, Rowjie was able to list down the 'possible' shows that might be seen again on TV, but in a humourous manner, since the post was files under the topak category. Haha! Imagine, Mojacko and Doraemon on their dramatic roles? Hahaha.

2.) Points of View Ep.6: Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?

I've had encountered several arguings about this "very common question". Although this post was short, Rowjie was able to interpret his side about the matter. Yes, I believe too that a person falls in love with someone during their his/her sight, mainly because of that someone's physical features. But sometimes, "it’s just a feeling you can’t understand" upon seeing someone for the very first time that makes you consider it as 'love at first sight'. In the end, Rowjie stated that trust is one value that keeps a meaningful relationship.


As I've always said, Russ for me is one of the best blogger/writer I've known. I like his poems, I like his posts, his concepts, and ideas on things. But he has become quite busy these days: fewer posts. Hope to read and know more from you soon, bud!

Anyway, here are my favorite posts of him: (can i include all? :-D)

1.) Unravel

I cannot exactly state why but when I read this poem, I felt sadness and happiness at the same time. Good writers actually bring out mixed emotions to their readers.

2.) Pa

Huhuhu..this post was really a sad one. One of the readers left a comment: "No matter how hard you and I try to present ourselves as "human" as we could be to our fathers, yet it seems we shall never be good enough".

I remember my dad here, who, sometimes, doesn't recognize things I achieve, things that should make him proud but for some reasons which I can't figure out what, make him not.

Above all, fathers will always remain as fathers. No matter how good or bad they are.

3.) Post

One of Russ' best post I suppose. Read this! You'll be amazed. :)


Arajaya's creator has become one of the humorous blogger in town! McRey, who is also my school mate and co-editor at our school's publication, made his posts really funny and catchy, though it may also be considered explicitly Rated R lolz.

1.) Longest Post so far??? Try mo basahin...nyahaha!

One lesson I learned: There are A LOT of things that human can't do but surely animals can. :D

2.) BICTHES? Whatever!

McRey created three types of bitches: the first-class, middle-class, and common bitches. The cool thing is, he has written this article in a very funny manner.


1.) the story of the INVERTED

This article is actually a story written by JL for his high school publication. He envisioned what would happen to his and his classmates' future ten years from then. I missed my high school friends when I read this post. :(


1.) reminiscing my highschool life.

Another post which made me miss my high school - everything about it - more!

(to be continued...)

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