Friday, January 25, 2008

Super human

When I was a child, I've always dreamed of becoming a superhero. When we play games with the other kids in our barangay, we usually role-play with our favorite superheroes we watch in TV. There were Ultraman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Shaider, and my favorite, Green 2 of Bioman. We jumped hurdles, we made improvised watches and belts which were the sources of our power lolz, we beat the villains, we made special finishing moves, and we even had a formation for it. It was really funny remembering the things we used to do, the things that were part of our childhood. I was really a fan of cartoons and superheroes back then. I wished I was one so I can defend the world from evil forces looolz.

True that upon being a superhero with an ordinary strength or an ordinary capability, comes a very big responsibility. He must protect the people from the bad, he must protect the world from destruction, he must do all he can to save Earth. He suffers pain, he suffers emotional distress, he suffers the limitation of living as an ordinary human being.

Now that I'm a grown-up, the desire to be a superhero declined, though in some ways my heart says I still want to be one. But in my mind I know that I don't need to be a superhero. Why? Because there are already a lot. We may not notice it but we see them everyday. They serve us with full spirit and they do all their best to save us, to save the world.

There are our policemen and military, who serve and protect us from threats and danger, the MMDA workforce, who clean the streets to beautify the surrounding, our OFWs, whose remittances boost the economy, the construction workers, who build tall skycrapers that are headquarters for businesses, the nurses and doctors, who cure and help sick people, the NGO volunteers and charity people, who passionately involve themselves to help others, the teachers, who spend their days imparting knowledge to students that in the future will help the country, the lawyers, accountants, artists, IT people, businessmen, engineers, writers, architects, whose minds help in building and shaping the future of our country.

Someday, maybe several months from now, I will become a hero too.

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