Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nora Neko

Who doesn't know Doraemon, the most popular robotic cat in the world?

Who doesn't get mad about Nobita, the most unlucky and dim-witted kid in town?

Who doesn't like the Doraemon manga, where comedic episodes always bring relief by featuring various significant moral lessons?

Only a few might do. I think.

The solid Kapamilyas MIGHT not be able to watch Doraemon, but I don't care. I'm not a Kapuso either.

All I know is whenever I watch Doraemon, I feel happy and contented that I was not like Nobita. Haha. But I always imagined that I have a robotic friend too, like Doraemon. If I have one, I will use his gadgets effectively. But who would have sent to me Doraemon back in time if I'm not a lazy and bad-at-sports boy like Nobita? What really makes me mad about Nobita is he being lazy and coward. He doesn't make his assignments that's why he always ends up failing on his exams. He is always lectured by his teacher, bullied by Suneo and Damulag, yelled by his Mom, and so many other stupidities. But despite all these, I still believe that in the end, Nobita will change and he will become a better person as the famous happy endings go.

The cast: Nobita, Suneo, Damulag, Shizuka, and Doraemon.

The show is the nth comeback-air in GMA 7, now scheduled weekdays at 9AM.

To view the plot, click here. (A lot of thanks Wikipedia!)

Note: Nora Neko is the Japanese name for "stray cat", where Doraemon's name originated.

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