Monday, April 7, 2008

21 things to do at 21

I can't believe that tomorrow I'm gonna turn 21 years old. Matanda na. LOLz.

I made this list and hopefully I could be able to accomplish them, all.


1.) When I wake up, pray that another birthday has come.

2.) Write all the birthday text messages received on a journal.

3.) Say "thanks ha?!" to all who'd greet me a "happy birthday!".

4.) Treat a special person to a quick lunch. Hehe.

5.) Put something in my bag that I wouldn't really need when I go to school.

6.) Count the number of steps walking from Lerma underpass till I reach the school's Tech Bldg annex.

7.) Sing a happy birthday song in a videoke. Lolz.

8.) Invite some friends over and talk about anything.

9.) Eat something that I hadn't eaten before or hadn't eaten for a long time now (except veggies!!!!)

10.) Roam around the campus.

11.) Take pictures!!! :D

12.) Listen and download Mp3 songs.

13.) Email myself and state there my myself.

14.) Do not eat ice cream, pizza, pasta, or anything that is commonly served during birthday parties.

15.) Say "thank you" to all the ones I love and "sorry" to those I hate. lolz

16.) Promise to myself that I won't commit again to a person that I don't actually love.

17.) Put a "Happy Birthday to me" status in YM.

18.) Watch my DVD action/adventure movie collection.

19.) Read the first few pages of Paulo Coelho's River Piedra

20.) Drink milk before going to sleep.

21.) Put the alarm time to 8:00 AM.

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