Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ate Linda's secret

Early morning yesterday when I was walking back home from buying my all-time favorite almusal pansit loglog, I saw Ate Linda holding a newspaper, a tabloid. I just smiled and greeted her "Good Morning Ate" but when I looked back again at what she was holding, I was a little bit shocked. It was not just an ordinary tabloid, it was an adult tabloid!

Acting like I was too liberal with what I saw, I just prompted a joke asking something to her like "Uy, ate ano yan?!" then I laughed. She laughed too but I noticed that she wasn't bothered that I got to see her. Maybe some other guys have already caught her before too. Maybe she's been doing that often, so she doesn't care if anybody's getting on to her because she got caught. Or maybe she's just experimenting - wanting to see what a few other women wanted to see. Or maybe I'm just bashful to ask her - "Ate ba't ka may ganyan, ha?" - but luckily I've got the answer even before I thought of having the guts to ask her.

"Ano bang ginagawa nyong mga lalaki 'pag bumibili kayo ng mga ganitong dyaryo?". Got it, but it took me some 5-second wander to organize my thoughts. Did she merely mean that she bought it to look at some pics there, read the articles there, and eventually, think deeply, fantasize, and...what else? I think so, because that's what guys are doing. Whose retard is buying that kind of pornography just for anything (imagining) not-so-sexual? But I never thought Ate Linda have done that. I mean, getting her caught is some kind of a freaking weird thing.

As we were walking along our street, she told me that she's not the only one doing that thing. She told me that she has buddies who use to collect adult tabloids and magazines. For what purpose?, I asked. A lot, she replied. She even told me that she and her friends read articles together for their 'educational' purposes. What she meant was she was reading for her to discover and then apply the different things about sex. At some point I thought she was phony, but I'd rather believed her because seeing her everyday and knowing just-enough background about her made me realize she's worth believing.

"Pero minsan, alam mo na, ginagamit ko rin yan para...alam mo na...magpalipas ng oras.."

"Haha..talaga Ate?! Kaw talaga.."

The rest of the day was just ordinary, but it started really amazing. Quite an exciting revelation there! Haha...

Note: Linda is pseudo. The rest is factual.

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