Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something to be proud of

Ma'am Lorraine, the coordinator of the Guidance Unit in our school texted me a couple of days ago something like this:

nsa Mla. Bulletin and picture mo.
chek mo nlng ang today's edition.
u can also check out the school boards.

I texted back and asked her why my picture is on the newspaper. She replied that the Student Coordinating Council and the The Cursor, the official student publication (where I was a news editor) are featured organizations and our school is the featured school in Schools, Colleges, and Universities section of MB.

The group pic where I was included is the pic taken during the official photoshoot conducted a few months back. It was kinda weird for me because I was smiling in the photo while all of them were serious-looking. Lolz!

I was just so proud to be able to see myself in a newspaper. It feels so good that being a part of a school organization makes you appear in a broadsheet. Lolz!

MB's issue where you can see my smiling pic was dated May 27, 2008, in G1 (SCU Bulletin) section.

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