Saturday, July 26, 2008

Much more amazing Charlie

When I came across an entertainment site and found out about another Pinoy talent who wowed the world, I immediately searched for HIS videos on YouTube. He is Charlie Green, the half-Filipino half-Brit boy who auditioned in Britain's Got Talent and reached the semi-finals. And he really wowed me for his rendition of Sinatra's Summer Wind.

I was sad but not that much knowing he didn't make it to the finals. What's important is he's so proud that he's a Filipino. In fact, he just returned home last 24th, and I heared he's signing (or has signed?) a contract in ABS-CBN. This means we will see much more amazing performances of this child wonder. I can't wait to see this child perform on the Pinoy crowd!

As what Simon said, "Charlie, you were fantastic!". Indeed!!!

Watch Charlie in BGT's semi-finals swing:

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