Monday, September 8, 2008


Break time.

I was looking at my inbox archives when I saw this e-mail which I sent to myself, dated August 18, 2006. I recall that was for my project in World Literature. As you will see, that's a rush work. Haha... We were asked then to write poems of different types. I forgot those types, but to mention some are haiku (a 17-syllable Japanese poem with only 3 lines) and the poem in which the first letter for each line is a letter of its title. (Can someone tell me what type of poem is that?ΓΌ)

Anyway, hope you won't get bothered (because it's disgusting!!!hehe) reading these, but actually, this just gave me reason to have anything posted here, after some days of thinking (or not thinking) something to post.

1945: The Battle of the children of Hiroshima
Reynner Adonay

In Hiroshima there is no life
There is no freedom
There is no earth
Children die and die
Children do not eat
Children do not sit
Children do not stand
Children do not hear, children do not see
Children do not do the ones to be done
‘Cos men die too
‘Cos men do not eat, hear, see, too
‘Cos men can’t
And children can’t too
For the battle is still
And freedom is unseen

In Hiroshima hairs of children are scorched of flames
Bones turn to dust
And air scatters that
Death comes in each corner
In each moment, in each second

In Hiroshima children are in battle
A tire, long battle
For their nation
And their life


Reynner Adonay

Eyes looked at a dead body
People each had their story
If that man is a thief or any
“For he deserved that ‘cos he’s phony”
“And he’ll burn in hell like so many”
No one looked at the dead body
In deep understanding of reality
Of all the eyes that stared

No one had seen.


Reynner Adonay

The rain is falling
In houses trees and mountains
Like my heart aching


Argh, grammatical error in the first poem! Hehe..

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