Sunday, December 20, 2009

When I became an "author"

Several months ago I read an article in and learned about how Filipino foods are being globally accepted in restaurants in the US. With that, I wrote a blog entry about Filipino dishes. Someone named Ullessis dropped a comment stating that he liked my entry and wanted to include it in their magazine. I only had the chance to read his comment after a month, but was really surprised that someone had liked what I wrote. I replied to his comment and said it was OK with me to include my article, but I said I wanted to know the name of the magazine. More surprisingly, he replied saying that it was a monthly-published OFW magazine in Kuwait! He added he'll give me a copy by the time the magazine will be produced.

I was really happy because someone liked what I did. Maybe because I write better in Tagalog, because I was actually the punong patnugot of our school publication in high school. But still I was hoping then I'd receive an issue of their magazine and read what I wrote. Who wouldn't be glad seeing his name in print and commending your work?

But unlike what he told in his comment that he'll give me a copy of their magazine's issue, months passed and I didn't receive any deliveries at all, neither a follow-up comment on my post. I came to realize that it was OK with me if he didn't give me one. What's important was he said he'll "include" me in their magazine. That's at least, something to be proud of.

Today when I browsed my old posts I looked by my blog entry and thought on searching about the name of their magazine. And gotcha, I found it. It was also a blogspot blog but they only show screenshots of a particular page. Nevertheless, I found my entry. I thought they didn't do any editing at all.

Today is a happy day. Someone accepted and liked what I wrote, plus, I became an "author". Give me an A for Accomplishment.

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