Monday, March 1, 2010

The Power of Love

After so many decades, I have finally watched Avatar last night at The Block.

Believe me, the movie was so effin' amazing! As in its every detail was superb! From the storyline, special effects, and some twists, Avatar didn't fail me. James Cameron is indeed the DIRECTOR! The man behind this great epic! Titanic, also directed by Cameron, has been one of my favorite movies. And to add up on my list, I'll put Avatar at the top. *winks*

The 3-D cinema has helped me a lot in visualizing a seemed-real facade of the big screen. It's like the Na'vis were just in front of me. The fauna. The everything. It made me realize things were so real.

"I see you."

But the magnitude of the story is the anticipation of LOVE - a force within anyone unbeatable by any other powers, by any other forces. The love of desire, the love of the tribe, the love of nature, the love of survival, and the unconditional love of Jake to Neytiri - these are all what commenced and ended Avatar - a majestic film that taught me a lot about being brave and fighting for not only the truth, but also for what is right.

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