Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Of love, being in love, and getting hurt

Being in love is an altered state. Suddenly your life is focused on another person and you can't bear being separated from him or her. You are in a bubble of fantasy, feeling overcome and giddy. Love for another person, in contrast, is closer to appreciation and affection.

Love is fairly reasonable, while being in love is more like a prolonged seizure, not literally sick or crazy, but one of those ordinary, positive ecstasies that take you out of ordinary life and introduce you to something new.

Being in love is one of the greatest joys of life. When you're in love, you could almost always do things positively - from the time you wake up in the morning until you sleep to bed - you have that smile on your face, remembering the happy things you and your loved one experienced that made your day. Being in love gives a person an extra strength to face whatever obstacles hinder the relationship. It develops the personality and makes a person realize that living in this world is full of sense and meaning.

But the ability to feel the greatest love makes it possible to feel the greatest pain. A person may tend to do things not so right, which cause arguments, quarreling, and hurt. But some say pain makes love all the sweeter. While a good guy/gal won't make you cry, losing them still hurts. So don't let your fear of loss stop you from loving someone. You cannot love someone without getting hurt, but the important part is how you deal with the hurt within your relationship. Be vulnerable with your heart. In order to love someone you have to open up to them, let them delve deep into your world. When you truly love someone, you give them your heart like that you are bound to get hurt. If you find healthy ways to express and deal with the hurt with your partner, the happiness you share with will be worth it.

I believe every person is destined to be tied to someone for him/her to love. We are tiny pieces of the million molecules in the universe, but no matter how tiny we are, there are other tiny individuals looking for love. Just look around, maybe he/she is just around.

So love, and don't be afraid to get hurt. Just love! :)

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