Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Ways to be Happy

We laugh. We cry. We feel. We complain. We may consider experiencing all sorts of feelings we could ever imagine, simple because, we're HUMAN. Breaths, feels, reacts.

And of all the feelings we've known, probably, being HAPPY is the best. We're happy because we're loved. We're happy because we succeeded at a certain goal. We're happy because someone's back after a long time of separation. We're happy because we live each day seeing and being with our loved ones. Happiness is immeasurable. And it can be attained anywhere, everywhere, only if you believe you could be one.

But oftentimes, we take for granted happiness because of several hindrances that come our way. Failure on a career, break-ups, lost of loved ones, or even the weather - these things cause depression, agitation, distress, grief.

We can always think of choosing to be happy, but what will really help us to be lies within ourselves. In short, if we do not take care of ourselves, there are only little chances that we will be happy. And although the world has brought so many things that may take away happiness from ourselves, still, nothing beats being happy.

Some Ways to be Happy

(1) Be thankful of what you have. Instead of thinking what you want to have in the future, think of the things that you already have and be thankful about it. For surely, there are thousands of other people not having what you have now, and wanting to have one.

(2) Sleep, eat, and walk. Isn't it nice waking up one morning and starting the day feeling all-rejuvenated? Eat enough, proper meal and do not exceed. Walk is synonymous to exercise. It maintains our healthy body and blood flow.

(3) Make up your mind to be happy. We can always find happiness even in small things. A thought of a funny joke, things you've done in the past that everyone laughed so hard, some people whom you think are funny in a sensible manner - these are only some of starters to set up your mood.

(4) Never choose to be alone. Of course, we find happiness from our family, our friends, and loved ones. Bringing up topics to them would start a good conversation which will brighten up and lead to laughing from time to time. Being accompanied by people you trust and love to different places will surely bring up happy things - like seeing a movie, going to a carnival, attending to parties, etc.

(5) Share what you have. But of course, at a reasonable stake. Always be a helping hand especially to those in need. But being like a 'savior' does not guarantee you having lots of financial capabilities. Be like a best friend to anyone who needs comfort and self-esteem empowerment, and you will get to realize there are more people who need your attention, rather than focusing too much (which a lot of times causes stress) on some of your goals in life.

(6) Don't be afraid to try, especially if you know you can do it. Believe me, it will always be worth it if we try and realize there will be nothing that is about to lose. On special cases, try building up and enhancing your skills. If you think you're a good singer, then maybe it's time to pursue a career. Auditioning at small singing contests would be really happy. If you think you're a good writer, then start doing pieces of works. There is always a "who knows?" phrase that may bring you up to your dreams. But never be afraid of failures. For they are just temporary. And you just can't please everybody, so do not let criticisms consume and worry you.

(7) Whenever you are down, think of the things that made you happy. Of course we can't be happy at all times, so whenever you feel like alone of sad, just think of the things that happened in the past - you achieving a high grade, you becoming popular in school, your parents commending you for great work, your friends believing and highly respecting you - these things will surely be a stress reliever.

(8) Avoid people, places, or memories that make you unhappy. If you often think about it, you will experience fake happiness - a state in which you feel like you're happy but you're actually not - because those people, places, and memories still bother you. Learn to let go of the ill and bad feelings. They are vexations to the spirits and poisons the soul. If we learn to take it away, then that would be the time for experiencing genuine happiness.

(9) Do not stress yourself with too much work. We get tired, and we get into deadlines and appointments. But what we've earned in our education helps us fix the things that bring us into rushing. Manage time and learn to prioritize. Do one thing at a time. Being mentally and physically rested fuels happiness to ourselves.

(10) Value God, and be thankful that you're still alive. Be grateful for our Creator, for He is the reason why we are still living today. Pause each day to pray and be thankful for the things that are happening to us. Reflect on the values we instill on ourselves, for these will give us an experience of a heightened well-being.

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