Saturday, February 25, 2012

Al Galang describes Vicki Belo as the 'perfect girl'

Controversial yoga teacher Al Galang insisted he and Dra. Vicki Belo are just friends, and described the celebrity doctor as the "perfect girl" for him.

In a Startalk interview by Butch Francisco, Al admitted he was mad when his name was included in the rift between Vicki and Hayden Kho, Jr.

Hayden, who was involved in controversial sex videos years ago with known celebrities, mentioned Al's name through Twitter as Vicki's newest guy. But Hayden eventually retracted of his accusation.

Al said he and Hayden have already spoken of the issue, but said the former doctor didn't apologize.

The yoga teacher said he has high respect for Vicki, and said she is a flirty person and they often make jokes on each other to make them laugh. He added Vicki got a wonderful personality and is very attractive.

But Al cannot say for now if their relationship will get a bit deeper.

"We'll cross the bridge when we get there," ayon kay Al.

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