Monday, February 27, 2012

Castelo files bill for standard seat space in jeepneys

The controversial author of Anti-Planking bill has filed a bill seeking to standardize seat spaces among jeepneys.

Quezon City Representative Winnie Castelo filed House Bill 5850 or "Seat Space Requirement of Jeepneys Act of 2012", which requires jeepney manufacturers to provide a standard seating space capacity of 357 millimeters or 14 inches per passenger.

The congressman said this measurement is based on scientific studies on the average “anthropometric dimension of jeepney passengers,” particularly the hip area. The term anthropometric refers to measurement of size, weight, and proportion of human body.

The proposed legislation also requires the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to issue appropriate guidelines, rules and regulations on the standard seat space, which has to be implemented by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Castelo said the country needs to provide national standards for assembly for customized local road vehicles (CLRV).

The bill will still have to undergo committee and plenary deliberations and voting for it to be passed by the lower chamber.

The jeepney is the most popular transportation means in the country. 55 percent of the population in Metro Manila uses jeepney as the primary mode of transport and about 350,000 jeepney units ply major and minor routes in the metropolis. But some jeepneys go beyond its seating capacity, resulting to overloading and discomfort to its passengers.

Photo: Aliawan, TravelPod

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