Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe implies he had one-night stands with groupies

Aside from the shocking revelation of being drunk while filming his Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe has implied he engaged in one-night stands with groupies, according to an article in Daily Mail.

The Potter star said he is nervous of sleeping with groupies because of the insipid pillow talk that usually follows afterwards.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, 22-year old Radcliffe revealed he prefers to know someone before hopping under the covers with them.

"I was always very nervous about the groupie thing. I like to like somebody before I sleep with them."

"You know, you're going to have to talk to them afterwards, even if it is a one-night stand."

"I have... I mean, that has happened, but generally speaking I've known the person. Apart from a few times when I was drinking."

Radcliffe has a girlfriend named Rosie Coker. He said he will have to make up for the times he will be away with Rosie for a couple of days to promote his latest movie "The Woman in Black" (check out the trailer here) and won't be back for Valentine's.

"I haven't seen her for weeks and I won't be back for Valentine's. I’ll be home a few days later, though, so I’ll have to make up for lost time."

"I've got three weeks off so we can be together – although I do plan to watch quite a bit of sport on TV."

Radcliffe also credited Rosie for being "very understanding" and "incredibly adaptable" and "far too good for me".

"The Woman In Black", which is based on Susan Hill's novel of the same name, follows a young widower and lawyer in 19th century London who is sent to a remote Yorkshire village to sort through a dead woman’s papers.

It is now showing in select theaters nationwide.

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