Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hero dog loses upper muzzle after saving 2 children

A dog lost the upper part of her muzzle after saving two children from a motorcycle accident in Zamboanga City.

"Kabang" (which means "tulong" in Tagalog or "help" in English) hardly can eat because of what happened.

The dog's owner Rudy Mangal said when his granddaughter and niece was almost hit by a motorcycle, Tabang instantly came along to rescue them. She jumped onto the motorcyle, but unluckily, her nose was hit my the motorcycle's roller and sprocket, causing it to lose her upper muzzle.

Some dog catchers from Zamboanga Veterinary Office requested Mangal to give to them Tabang so they can perform euthanasia or "mercy killing", but Mangal refused to do so.

Watch the news clip below from GMA News:

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