Friday, February 10, 2012

Lotto jackpot to hit P254 million

The jackpot for the Grand Lotto Saturday draw is expected to hit P254 million, after last Wednesday's 6-number combination was still not won.

Nobody got the luck of winning the number combination 26-48-21-40-9-13 last Wednesday, with a jackpot of P213 million. PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand Rojas II said that even though nobody won the jackpot prize, at least 36 lucky players won the second prize worth P150,000 each, after winning 5 from the six-digit combination.

Rojas said the ticket sales of the Grand Lotto have soared from P25 million average to P113 million in the last draw. It is the first time this year that the Grand Lotto prize has reached more than P250 million.

Two months ago, a carpenter from Las PiƱas won the Grand Lotto jackpot worth P342 million!

But Grand Lotto recorded its all-time high jackpot of P741 million, which was won by a balikbayan from New York, who bought the ticket in Olongapo City last November 2010.

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