Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mo Twister reacts to Ogie Alcasid's spoof of his abortion video diary

Ogie Alcasid's spoof of Mo Twister's video diary about then girlfriend Rhian Ramos' abortion instantly came to Mo's learning. Ogie Alcasid spoofed Mo during his "Mr. and Mrs. A" concert with wife Regine Velasquez last Valentine's Day, February 14.

A part of the concert showed Ogie and Regine's own video diaries which tackled issues and confessions of a couple when there are some fights or misunderstanding.

People laughed of Ogie's spoof because it was similar to Mo Twister's, which became a viral video last year. (CLICK HERE TO SEE MO TWISTER'S CONFESSION VIDEO)

But in Ogie's version, he never mentioned anything that pertained to "abortion."

Mo, who is currently in New York, learned of Ogie's spoof of his video, and posted tweets about his reaction:

"Just heard @ogiealcasid made fun of me crying in the abortion video. Classy move bud. Didnt you just have a child? Glad, its alive.

"hey guys, dont worry bout it. i'm sure he got a good laugh out of it. a few kids dying is pretty fucking funny. unless its his @ogiealcasid"

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) talked to "Mr. and Mrs. A" director Randy Santiago, who is one of the people behind the show's concepts, and joked "Hindi naman siya 'yon. Siya ba 'yon? Wala naman kaming sinabing siya, a!"

"Bakit siya nag-react? Siya ba 'yon? Kamukha ba? Kahawig ba niya? Hindi naman, a!"

Yesterday morning, Mo Twister posted again another tweet saying Ogie apologized to him through text:

"thanks for offering an apology @ogiealcasid I texted you back, hope you got it."

"@ogiealcasid I'm sorry too for the tweets. My life turned upside down when the thing happened so I get defensive bout it. It is hard on me."

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