Thursday, February 23, 2012

San Beda student Marvin Reglos dies of hazing; College condemns frat violence

A San Beda College student named Marvin Reglos died from alleged hazing incident in Antipolo City last weekend.

The 25-year old freshman law student's body was discolored when police inspected him in Unciano Medical Center at 3 PM on Sunday, February 19, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Reglos died from multiple wounds and bruises obtained from an alleged hazing rites of Lambda Rho Beta fraternity.

Alleged fraternity members Erick Edrosolona Castillo, 28, and Bodjie Amorin Yap, 24, were arrested the same night Reglos was brought to the hospital.

The victim’s remains were later transferred to Antipolo Memorial Homes, where he was identified by his relatives. His father and mother have yet to arrive from Isabela and Korea, respectively.

College condemns 'unlawful and dreadful act of violence'

The San Beda College of Law vowed to cooperate with the investigation by the PNP and NBI.

In a Twitter statement, the college condemned the "unlawful and dreadful act of violence" which put a life to waste. Here is the statement from The Bedan:

The San Beda College of Law condemns this unlawful and dreadful act of violence. We grieve over a life put to waste. The San Beda College of law condemns the system of brotherhood that employs violence, intimidation, intentional force, or reckless imprudence as part of any of its ceremonies or practices. Consequently, the school does not recognize their existence.

The San Beda College of Law seems to be quiet in the middle of this tragedy but rest assured that San Beda College of Law does not toil on half baked justice. In cases involving our law students, the San Beda Law administration immediately acts to protect their rights. For the past years, the admin first caters to the needs of the victims- confirm their identities, assist in their financial needs, coordinate with the police and the hospital, among others. It is the care for the victims and their families that are most essential. But while the admin is assuring the care for the victim and his family, they are taking the initial steps to seeking justice for their students. The administration of the San Beda College of Law and the Law Student Government have already constituted a committee to conduct the investigation of the administrative aspect. We will fully cooperate in the investigation of the NBI and PNP. The San Beda College of Law offers its sincerest grief and prayers to the family of Marvin. It upsets us that we can only do so much. We give our word that we will assist in attaining justice as we will exact every means necessary to appease your worn-out hearts and mind. The lion will not sleep until justice is served in its rightful form.

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