Friday, February 10, 2012

Somali pirates hijack Egypt-bound cargo ship with 21 Pinoys aboard

Greek-owned, Liberia-flagged bulker MV Free Goddess was hijacked on Tuesday (UTC) by the Somali pirates. The ship carries 21 Filipino crew members aboard, according to a report from Somalia Report.

The bulk carrier was taken along the Pinoy crew members underway in the Arabian Sea. Sources said the bulker was pirated by the Harardheere based pirate group under the leadership of Abdhulkadir Mohamed Afwenye, who has denied the allegations.

The hijacked ship was heading from Singapore to Egypt, and was carrying a cargo of steel cable.

The report also said that when they contacted Afwenye, he said his colleagues in Harardheere were innocent  and gave a hint that the pirates in Garacad might have seized the ship.

MV Free Goddess is worth a shade over US$8 million and the owner is NASDAQ listed as Free Seas Inc.

It can be recalled that there have been numerous Somali pirates hijacking the ships that pass the Arabian Sea or Dead Sea (the only way to Europe), where a lot of Filipino crew members are aboard.

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