Friday, February 10, 2012

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho break up? Nancy Castiglione, the third party?

Long-time lovers Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, Jr. became hot topics on microblogging site Twitter on Friday, February 10. It started with a controversial tweet from the famous beauty surgeon:

"nancycastilogne (sic) you can now openly date @haydenjr . You have my blessings . Hope you'll both be happy ."

Minutes later, Hayden Kho, Jr. tweeted this:

"Before things go out of hand: Vicki and I are just having a misunderstanding. Don't make conclusions. There's NO infidelity issue here."

The couple has announced their engagement last June 2011, but haven't spilled out any information of their wedding plans.

It can also be recalled that Hayden Kho, Jr. had controversial sex videos with different women, the most popular back then, was with actress Katrina Halili. The sex scandals became nationwide hit and people were in great frenzy searching for the clips in the Internet.

According to some reports, Kho was allegedly seen kissing Nancy Castiglione at a bar in Timog.

The Filipino-Italian and mother of cute twin boys, Castiglione has not reacted yet as of this writing to this latest buzz about her and the couple.

Hayden appeals to 'hold judgment'

Kho tweeted following his above-pictured Twitter screen-grab, appealing to everyone to hold judgment. He said there has been a misunderstanding (between him and Belo) and it has gone out of proportion.

He added that the public does not need to get involved in the matter, and said names have to be cleared for the welfare of two innocent toddlers (referring to Castiglione's twins).

Kho also cleared out that he and fiance Belo are not fighting because of Castiglione. He said he has already apologized to the singer-model-actress for getting her named dragged into his "minor bump" of relationship with the doctor.

Kho insisted there there is no infidelity issue, and assured everyone that he and Belo "have been doing very well" in their relationship.

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