Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Cheetah' sets speed record for legged robots

The "Cheetah" robot has broken the record of the fastest legged robot that runs in land.

The video below shows a demonstration of "Cheetah" as it galloped up to 18 miles per hour (mph), breaking 1989's record of 13.1 mph.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a U.S. agency that is responsible for the development of new technologies for the military, has teamed up with Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics company (who also made BigDog, a quadruped robot in 2005), to develop the new "Cheetah."

Dr Alfred Rizzi, chief robotics scientist at Boston Dynamics, said their goal is to ultimately get the "Cheetah" running much faster and in an outdoors environment.

"We designed the treadmill to go over 50mph (80kph) but we plan to get off the treadmill and into the field as soon as possible," Rizzi said in a statement. "We really want to understand the limits of what is possible for fast-moving robots."

The development was part of Pentagon's Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program that aims to developing mobility for robots.

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