Monday, March 5, 2012

Jose Manalo abandoned family for another woman?

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) released an article early today, March 5, about the interview of ABS-CBN's showbiz talk show The Buzz with Eat Bulaga! host Jose Manalo's wife yesterday.

According to the report, Jose's wife Annalyn said that she was aware (and has a lot of proof) that Jose had another woman but chose to remain silent for the sake of their children. She said that they were abandoned by Jose, who left January 6 this year.

Though Jose already left their home, Annalyn said he was still sending text messages to her. One of the text message, according to Annalyn, was "Mommy mahal kita. Mommy I love you."

But what hurts the most according to Annalyn was when Jose undermined her to his friends and co-workers, to the point that they were banned in Broadway Centrum (the studio location of Eat Bulaga!). Annalyn tried to contact Jose but wasn't able to reach him before he changed his contact number.

Annalyn also said that she tried to talk to Jose's "other woman", but insisted that she didn't fight with her. She pleaded twice to leave her husband because they have children.

But in spite of what Jose has done to his family, Annalyn said she's still willing to accept the comedian if he comes back.

The interview was done two days after the successful and jam-packed concert of Jose and co-host and close friend Wally Bayola at the Big Dome.


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