Friday, March 2, 2012

Taylor Kitsch tells airport delay experience

Hollywood actor and "John Carter" star Taylor Kitsch appeared on "Late Show with David Letterman" on March 1, and told his story how he was stopped by a customs officer at the airport in the Philippines (as what Letterman said), which would be, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, dubbed as (one of) the world's worst airport.

Kitsch is flying in and out of the country to film Oliver Stone's "Savages". He said other cast members include John Travolta, Benicio del Toro, Uma Thurman,  Salma Hayek, and Aaron Johnson.

He said when he got through the customs, a guy called and stopped him at the backroom. He said "everyone was smoking" and was told that he is going back to Japan because the customs officer discovered his passport has gone "out of pages" so he can't stamp on it, and so Kitsch "is gone".

"I'm like, whoa, hold on, I'm... I can work here. I got the visa. He didn't believe I was an actor, uhm, so I'm literally pitching myself to this guy, saying, no, I'm an actor, I've done some things.", Kitsch explained.

He even told the customs officer that he's here to work to finish Oliver Stone's movie. "You know, there's John Travolta in it..and...trying to throw any name out there."

The immigration officer did not believe what Kitsch told him and even asked him, "Where's Travolta?"

Kitsch then told the officer to look him up to prove he's really an actor but the officer reminded him that he's on his next flight to Japan.

Since the computers there weren't working, Kitsch looked on his iPhone and the officer was like "hey, can you get me one of those?".

"And I'm like...can you let me in and I will give you one of those.", Kitsch told Letterman, laughing. "And, uh, so he's still not believing (me)."

"And I finally I show him the trailer of John Carter on the iPhone and he stopped and he's like 'oh my God what's that?' And it's a great white apes that seen there that's in the trailer. And he's like, 'That's not you.' And I'm like, 'What?' He's like, 'You have short hair.' And I'm like, 'Mate, I cut it. It grows. It's me.' So, then finally he's like 'I love trailer, go ahead. You are in.' So, John Carter got me through customs."

Quite embarassing, but did that really happen in the 'Philippines'?

In the beginning of Letterman's interview, he said "You're promoting that movie..and (at) the same time you were making a film in..the Philippines. I know..."

Then Kitsch instantly reacted, saying "Oh..yeah...uhm..", while Letterman was still saying, "And so, uh, you gotta be flying back and forth and that's a tremendously long flight, isn't it?"

When Letterman said the Philippines, Kitsch didn't even corrected him.

Because the location where the film was shot is in INDONESIA, not in the PHILIPPINES. C'mon guys, if it's in the Philippines, how couldn't WE KNOW the "John Carter" and "Friday Night Lights" is here?! Filipinos are so much updated with almost anything, and we missed his arrival here?

Once again, I'm sorry but quite a mistake on the headline here:

Check out the video below:

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