Saturday, April 14, 2012

Google celebrates French photographer Robert Doisneau's birth centenary

On the centenary of his birth, April 14, French photographer Robert Doisneau is honored by Google through the search giant's 1,347th doodle to date.

Doisneau was born on April 14, 1912. He is most famous for his photograph "Kiss by the Hotel de Ville" which showed young couple Francoise Delbart (then 20) and Jacques Carteud (then 23) oblivious to bustling around a kiss. The photograph has been reproduced on cards and posters.

Photos showcased on Google's doodle were among the 450,000 negatives Doisneau left behind when he died on April 1, 1994, aged 81.

Also on the doodle is the 1943 image titled "Tug on the Champ de Mars" which shows two children playing at Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. One of the kids is riding a bicycle and the other is tugging along on roller skates.

Prior to his death, he was awarded with series of prizes and recognitions. Most of his work were street photos.

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