Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guam Assistant General's comments about the Filipinos’ English as 'not good enough', racist?

A YouTube video is currently sparkling debate among netizens. The issue: Filipinos' English language as "not good enough."

The quoted phrase was actually taken from a senior official of Attorney General's Office in Guam, named Benjamin Abrams. The comments were uttered during the Guam Board of Allied Health's meeting, where members are thinking of outsourcing a transcription task to a transcriber in the Philippines to save money.

But Mr. Abrams do not agree with the proposal, and reportedly made the controversial comment.

"Their English is not good enough.", pertaining to the Filipinos.

"I don’t think their English is good enough.", Abrams reiterated.

"I don’t like that idea at all. You're dealing with a third world country… Where English is a second language…And uh… We're dealing with tapes that are not crystal clear... "

Abrams is objecting of the transcription outsourcing services in the Philippines.

"We're dealing with a transcriber… Who may or may not know anything… About legal proceedings... And certainly can't pick up the phone… and call Mr. Thomspson or Mr. Abrams or Mr. May… To get clarification as to what they might have said at a certain point.," he said.

"I don't think that’s a viable option… But we have the resources here to get that done."

Philippine consul Bayani Mangibin, who has already received a copy of the video clip, met with Attorney General Lenny Rapadas and conveyed the consulate general's concern over the "racially-discriminating remarks."

Too racist to be true?

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