Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pinoy docu film about Chiong Sisters massacre suspect grabs top Dutch film fest award

A Filipino documentary film won the top prize in a film festival in Netherlands.

Marty Syjuco's "Give Up Tomorrow" bagged the highest award in Netherlands' film festival called "Movies That Matter", a yearly event that "serves as an international platform for films of interest dealing with human rights and social justice, and for their makers."

Syjuco told ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau that he was very happy to receive his award for his first film.

"Give Up Tomorrow", which won the Audience Choice VARA Awards in The Hague, tells the story of a Filipino-Spanish teenager and culinary student named Paco Larranaga, who, at the age of 17, was convicted in the Cebu massacre of sisters Mary Joy and Jacqueline Chiong in 1997.

Serving in life sentence for 15 years now, Paco is the son of Spanish pelotari Manuel Larranaga, a member of the powerful OsmeƱa clan in Cebu. Paco and six other co-accused were sentenced to death by lethal injection in February 2004, but his penalty was commuted to life after capital punishment was abolished in the country two years later.

The documentary tried to show the many loose ends in the trial of Paco's case. It received a huge amoung of support from those who are petitioning for the pardon and release of Paco.

Syjuco, who is related to Paco for his brother is married to Paco's sister, said that the VARA Awards is very meaningful because is it associated with Amnesty International, one of the biggest human rights festivals in the world.

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