Thursday, May 24, 2012

68-year old woman buried alive by Chinese couple

A 68-year old woman was buried alive by a young couple in China. The news sparked outrage in the local community there over declining public morality.

A Chinese couple abandoned their car after burying an elderly woman alive  at Zhejiang province.

Newspaper company China Daily reported that the couple came at KTV session. On their way home in the early hours of the morning, they hit the elderly at the Zhejiang province last month.

A witness told investigators he heard someone crying and saw the old woman lying on the ground near the car. The couple then went out and put the old woman inside the car, stating they would send her to the hospital.

But the couple, feared of facing multiple charges from their actions, buried her instead at a remote construction site, believing she was already dead. The police found out the woman's body, discovering she was still alive before she was buried, and died from suffocation.

The news became widely discussed in China's microblogging site Weibo, raising issues like immorality of the Chinese modern society, and the continued change in social values.

The couple, surnamed Tao, 25, a Shaanxi Province native, along with his girlfriend, also 25 and surnamed Chen, was detained by police in Yuyao City.

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