Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is the 'big merge' happening in November?

It started as a rumor last year. Business tycoon, TV5 owner Manny Pangilinan plans to buy GMA Network.

In several statements, both camps denied the Kapatid-Kapuso merge. There was no deal, and there will be no "merge."

However, the rumor did not stop there. Reports say the negotiation is coming to a realization soon, and the "grand merge" will happen in November. Veteran columnist Ricky Lo hinted on his Funfare column in

Big merger marked by grand event Nov.?

BREAKING NEWS: This has to be a blind item as of now. Before the year ends, probably end of November, a giant merger will be announced in a grand (as in "fabulous!") style. The event is calculated to send shock waves through the entertainment industry, bound to radically change the landscape — for the better, hopefully!

The merger will be cemented with a song in the heart and in the name of brotherhood.

Will TV5 and GMA 7 merge in November? If this pursues, will it benefit both networks? Will the merge be a threat to ABS-CBN?

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