Monday, May 14, 2012

A mother's love

On the way to work, I came across a woman in her thirties walking hand in hand with her little girl. The child was clean and all dressed up. She held on to her mother and gazed up at her with joy. She had Down’s syndrome.

They were giggling together, teeth and gums bared out without any sense of shame.  The sound of their laughter resonated amidst the busy streets. The happiness that emanated from them was priceless and pure; it was a simple situation yet it radiated with love.

For the mother, it should be a painful love, because she knows – as we all know – that in this cruel world, amongst people witless, judging and devoid of compassion, her little girl will grow up. She will not be little anymore, and she will suffer.

But right in that moment, she was still her little girl. And they walked hand in hand, laughing without a care.

Our mothers don’t simply share our pain; if they can, they would suffer the pain for us.

We were all once like that little girl who didn’t know what the world is like; that it’s filled with judgment and wrongdoings.

We all once had that privilege to just laugh and worry about nothing, because our mothers protected us and saw to it that we were happy.

This Mother’s Day, let us once again yield everything to our mothers’ love. Just feel it, have faith in it, appreciate it, and reflect on how to give back. Even just this once, let us be our mothers’ happy little child that is capable of feeling nothing but love.

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