Monday, May 7, 2012

NAIA: No CCTV of Raymart-Tulfo brawl

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) management said there was no closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording of the brawl that involved veteran journalist Ramon Tulfo and couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto on Sunday afternoon.

NAIA General Manager Angel Honrado said the baggage conveyor area, where the fight happened, is not covered by airport CCTV cameras. "Yung CCTV system namin is working dun sa arrival area pero out pa dun sa conveyor area," said Honrado in an interview.

Instead, the management has started conducting their own investigation of the incident by doing interviews with the policemen and security guards that were on-duty the time it happened. Honrado said there were three airport police and five security guards on-duty that time. "I just have to require our security providers to increase their training," added Honrado.

According to Tulfo, he saw a "mala-matrona na magandang mukha" (referring to Barretto) berating the ground stewardess of Cebu Pacific. When he noticed the woman was getting personal with the staff, he then decided to take pictures of her using his mobile phone. But Santiago approached him and asked why he was taking pictures. Tulfo claimed it was Santiago who started punching him.

However, according to Santiago, it was Tulfo who started the fight and kicked his wife Claudine. Santiago said when he approached Tulfo, he was "grinning like a dog" and suddenly punched him and kicked him on the groin area. Then that when the brawl started.

Santiago even said: "Tapos biglang naga-amok amok siya doon sa gitna. Tapos hindi ko alam yung martial arts niya, naggaganoon siya. Tapos yun po si Claudine lumapit sa kanya 'sir bakit nyo po sinuntok at sinipa ang asawa ko?' tapos ngumisi na naman siya yung tawang aso yung parang nang-iinis. Biglang sinipa niya si Claudine."

Santiago said the YouTube video of the brawl did not show who threw the first punch.

NAIA meanwhile has defended its security personnel, who Tulfo called "inutile and useless" during the brawl. "I think we have to be on the better stand. Avoid po natin ang masasagwang mga salita para hindi nasasaktan yung ibang tao, lalo na yung hindi kasama sa away," said Honrado.

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