Saturday, May 26, 2012

No guarantee on album deal for Jessica

For most fans, Jessica Sanchez is still number one. In fact, people have called her "World Idol", because not only America recognized her talent, but is also appreciated in other parts of the world.

But the longevity of being a "World Idol" does not end in how plenty and supportive her fans are. In the end, proving worthy of a title must reflect in record sales, album count, and successful concerts.

And will Jessica sustain her popularity after a new American Idol contract for runner-ups?

New contract

AP reported that starting this season, the singing competition's second placer will not be guaranteed of an album and will be offered a lower paycheck for recording singles, based on the contract the Season 11 finalists signed earlier this year.

Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday came second to Phillip Phillips on Idol results night.

AP also said that the agreement is the first time in Idol history. In the past season, runner-up Lauren Alaina was guaranteed a pay advance of $175,000 (Php7.5 million). Based on the new contract, Jessica could only receive $30,000 (Php1.29 million) in advance for recording sales.

"The analysis covers eight of "Idol's" 11 seasons during which contracts filed for contestants under the age of 18 were available. The contracts were reviewed by judges in accordance with a California law that requires at least 15 percent of a minor entertainer's earnings be set aside for their benefit once they reach adulthood," said the report. Jessica is only 16 years old.

However, if Jessica gets an album deal with 19 Recordings, Inc., she could get the same pay advance as to last year's runner-up. "But 19 Recordings Inc., which has the option to handle the albums and recordings of Idol contestants for several years after they appear on the show, has replaced a guaranteed album deal for the runner-up with a staggered "Development Period" that requires less music and pays out less in advances."

New opportunities

But I believe Jessica could still go places. She is on to appear at a concert tour to a Walt Disney World Resort attraction in Florida (and will be paid $50,000 for her apperances). She will be guesting to different TV and radio shows. She is hugely popular in the Philippines. She is on for every exciting opportunities! She is indeed talented and loved by many.

So there's no need to worry. There are also rumors that American Music executive Tommy Mottola are working on Jessica's album, as confirmed on Twitter by wife, Mexican singer-actress Thalia. Recording artist and record producer Akon has also expressed interest in working with Jessica. Jesse McCartney, Colbie Callait, Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, and Jennifer Holliday (Jessica's "second mom!") all praised her performances.

Jessica's journey to stardom has just started.

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