Monday, May 21, 2012

PBB Teen Edition 4: Kit, Yves nominated for eviction

Kit Thompson and Yves Flores are this week's nominees for eviction at the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The two obtained the most number of votes from fellow housemates. It was Kit's fourth time to be on the nomination list, while it was Yves' second.

Aside from the two, three other housemates are in danger of being nominated for eviction from the PBB house when they were caught talking about the nomination process -- a plan of nominating the girls so that the boys will remain and dominate inside the house.

Big Brother will give Ryan Boyce, Roy de la Cerna, and Alec Dungo a task to determine who will complete the nomination list. As soon as one makes up the three nominees this week, voting lines will be open.

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