Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'The Philippines is part of China,' says Chinese news anchor

An anchor on a Chinese television network has accidentally declared the Philippines as a part of China.

In a news broadcast of China Central Television (CCTV), a state-run TV network, He Jia claimed late Monday that the Philippines is a part of China. She might have referred to the Huangyan Islands, or Panatag Shoal as what the Philippines call it, tackling on the issue of the continuing dispute between the two countries over the territorial claims.

"As we all know, the Philippines is Chinese territory. China has unquestionable sovereignty over the Philippines," the way most Chinese employ when the country asserts its claims of territories.

While most viewers and netizens laughed about the anchor's uncanny statement, other nationalistic Internet users affirmed of He Jia's words, saying the claim was not a mistake since the Philippines was a tributary state of China in the ancient times.

He Jia however has apologized via her Weibo account:

Translation: "May 7, 2012, when I was hosting 24 Hours, a program at CCTV News Chanel, I made a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. I mistakenly said "the Philippines" when I needed to say "the Huangyan Island". Hereby, I sincerely apologize to all the audience and my co-workers! Sorry for all the trouble! A news anchor shoulders mountain-heavy responsibilities at every minute. From now on, I will work extra hard and carefully. Sincerely apologize!"

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