Sunday, May 13, 2012

PNoy, Pacquiao battle against China's panda in South China Sea standoff animation

A short animated video about the continuing standoff between the Philippines and China in South China Sea, particularly in Scarborough Shoal (Panatag by Filipinos, Huangyan Island by Chinese), is going viral in YouTube.

"China and the Philippines have been locked in a month-long standoff at Scarborough Shoal, a small uninhabited reef in the South China Sea. The standoff is part of a larger regional struggle for control of several small, possibly oil-rich island chains in the region," the description said.

The video shows China, being a giant Asian country, claims almost whole of the South China Sea as its own (without proving much evidence). "Incredibly, though China's southernmost tip is Hainan Island, it claims almost the whole of the South China Sea as its own."

An animated Philippine President Noynoy Aquino battle against China's panda on who is the righteous to put their flags in  the Shoal.

"Meanwhile, Chinese oil company CNOOC has begun exploring for oil in another disputed island chain," continuing its claims on almost all the islands in the South China Sea.

"Anti-Chinese sentiment is beginning to swell. Who is going to tell the Chinese just how ridiculous their claims are?" leaving a challenge to the Chinese government of their actions.

In the end, Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao came (backed by America's Uncle Sam), giving an uppercut to the Chinese panda who was thrown out of the ring and was even punched and kicked by two men in the audience.

"Do you think China's claims to almost all of the China Sea are justified?" the video asked.

Watch the video below:

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