Friday, May 18, 2012

Teenager hangs self to death after being convinced doomsday will come in 2012

A teenage girl in England hanged herself after being convinced the world would end in 2012, based on doomsday researches she made on the Internet, an inquest heard.

Isabel Taylor hanged herself to death after believing the world would end in the coming months. PHOTO:

Isabel Taylor, 16, from Neston, Wilts was found hanged in her bedroom by her mother. In a statement, her parents said they've questioned and searched their hearts "to try to find an answer to why Isabel went down this devastating path."

Isabel started searching for answers from the "complications and injustice" of the modern world in the Internet about doomsday scenarios. She was convinced a nuclear reactor meltdown would end the civilization in the coming months.

Isabel, a vegan and animal rights campaigner, converted to Buddhism last year. "It would seem her belief in Buddhism and the possibility of another, better life was strong enough to persuade her that the time was right to move on to what comes next," the inquest told.

Her medical records showed no psychological causes or bullying involved. A coroner ruled she had taken her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed.

"The enormous shock of it remains with us and we will never fully come to terms with it," said her father. "She managed to hide what was going on inside her mind because outwardly the happy, bubbly Isabel we knew and loved so well was what she portrayed to us until the end."

[via Daily Mail]

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