Tuesday, October 9, 2012

iACADEMY set to visit schools thru Game Van

Considering the growth of the online gaming industry in the past few years, iACADEMY, in its 10th year, introduces an addition to its roster of state-of-the-art equipment - the Game Van.

The Game Van is an 18-seater gaming center equipped with the following game consoles: 4 units of Xbox, 3 units of PS3, 3 units of Wii and 1 unit of Kinect. The Game Van has dimensions of 126" X 96.5" X 21 ft. It features an array of games such as: Tekken, NBA 2K11, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, etc.

The Game Van is built to entice students to experience iACADEMY's Bachelor of Science in Game Development course.

The Game Development course with specialization in Game Programming and Design is the first of its kind in the country. This program integrates fundamental computer science with design, animation, and storytelling to enhance students' creativity in developing computer games in both mobile and desktop platforms. The curriculum was designed with the assistance of the International Game Developers Association to ensure that what is offered is aligned with the needs of the industry.

Beginning this week, iACADEMY will be visiting different schools. If you would like to get acquainted with this technology and know more about the Game Development course, you may call iACADEMY's Mr. Christian Timothy Sia, Division Head, Admissions & Marketing Department at 889-7777. Or visit www.iacademy.edu.ph for more information.

Aside from Game Development, iACADEMY is also offering courses in Animation, Web Development, Multimedia Arts & Design, Software Engineering, Fashion Design & Technology, Marketing & Advertising, e-Management and Financial Management.

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