Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PH is 'most emotional society' in U.S. pollster

Prepare your hankies, this will be emotional.

The Philippines has been dubbed as the "most emotional society" in a survey conducted by U.S. pollster Gallup. Sixty percent responded affirmatively to either the positive or the negative questions.

The report was posted Wednesday on Businessweek. The survey covered 140 countries and asked respondents questions such as "Did you smile or laught a lot yesterday?," "Did you feel well-rested yesterday?," or "Were you treated with respect all day yesterday?"

Respondents were also asked if they experienced enjoyment, anger, stress, physical pain, or other negative emotions.

Placing next to the Philippines are El Salvador and Bahrain in second and third spots, respectively, with 57% and 56% respondents saying "yes."

Singapore meanwhile, is the "least emotional," with only 36% of respondents answering "yes."

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