Friday, February 22, 2013

Dingdong Dantes stars in prison film 'Dance of the Steelbars'

The story of world-famous Dancing Inmates of the Cebu Penitentiary becomes the inspiration of the film "Dance of the Steelbars," which stars Kapuso prime actor Dingdong Dantes on the lead role.

The film shows stories inspired by actual events in the Filipino prison, the struggles that inmates experience and their quest to feel human again. Dingdong plays the role of Mando, a convicted murderer who denies his passion for dancing just to prove his masculinity. But a series of events will lead him dance the dance of the steelbars.

Joining Dingdong are Irish actor Patrick Bergin (who played the husband of Julia Roberts in "Sleeping With The Enemy"), Joey Paras, and Ricky Davao. The film is produced by Portfolio Films in partnership with GMA Films.

"Dance of the Steelbars" begins showing in Philippine theaters this May 22nd.

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