Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'Lincoln' movie review

I was able to watch Lincoln movie on its first week in Philippine cinemas. I heard lots of praise and good reviews about this movie.

They were right about some of the things about the movie. But giving it that high of a rating is a bit misleading in my opinion. Sure, its a good portrayal of a president and a good movie direction.  But for the story, I find it a bit dragging. Also, the dialogue, I had to crank up my old English knowledge in this movie. I often times, find myself on certain scenes trying to catch up on what they are saying.

Be warned, this is a good movie but none of the great drama you would expect from a historical movie. You may see Abraham Lincoln as he really is during that time. He isn't a saint, although, they depict him as a man holding the highest office at the time when the US is in crisis (The civil war).

You will see him as a father, a husband, and a politician. Him dealing with the usual problems of dealing with his distraught wife, a son wanting to join the army, and a problem in his work.

The movie setting takes place in last few months before the end of the civil war. Lincoln knew they will win the war and crush the rebels. But he also knew, he made some decisions that will be questioned and make his efforts be for nothing after the war. That is why, in this movie, he made a deadline to have the constitution amended to abolish slavery in the US, in just a month. In the movie, we will see the effort they make to have congress pass the amendment. Which is almost apparent, that this still happens today in Philippine politics.

How are the visuals?

The visuals are good, but not that great.  It is a period movie, so the props and sets are good. The costumes are a good fit for the period.  It's mostly camera work and a few computer effects I think. Overall, the visuals is good.

How is the story?

The story is a bit dragging, most of the time I find myself thinking of leaving the theater for a while, but can't do it because I may be lost on the story progress when I come back. The story is good, but dragging.

How is it overall?

I rate this movie, 2.5 out of 5 stars. The reason, is I find the story dragging. Some of the audience fell asleep, and others out of boredom left the theater.  Sure, we laughed at some of the scenes and felt sad on the sad moments.  But those are not enough if only 25% of the movie you feel that way. Most of the time, you are just trying to concentrate on the dialogue, so you won't get lost in the story.

This movie is a hit or miss for the Philippine audience. And I bet, most probably a miss.

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