Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coleen Garcia, Gab Valenciano break up

Coleen Garcia and Gab Valenciano have decided to call it quits, days before the latter went to the US to pursue a music career.

In an interview, the couple said they decided to end their relationship because of "different goals" and the pressure of keeping a long-distance relationship.

"He's doing this for himself," 20-year-old Coleen said. "If kunwari kung magpa-priority list 'yung relationship, e, 'di hindi siya pupunta. But it's not how it should be, dapat on the top of your priority list—next to God and to your family—is yourself. Go there and work on yourself."

"If I go there to the States, I'm not prioritizing myself, I'm prioritizing the relationship. Right here in the Philippines, I have a good life here, I have my family here," the "It's Showtime" mainstay added.

Coleen, who also appears in new fantaserye "Little Champ," said she didn't discourage Gab from going to the US since she knows he had always dreamt of studying music there. Gab is set to finish a 2-year music course.

"Andoon pa rin yung respeto and it's a beautiful relationship. I don't regret it because ang dami kong natutunan. It changed me also in a way, I became more responsible and mature," she said.

"Right now, I love him, I love his family, pero I don’t think I should be with him."

[Photo: Coleen Garcia Twitter]

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