Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elijah Liu sings 'Stay' on American Idol Top 20

Filipino-looking but Chinese-Mexican Elijah Liu sang Rihanna's "Stay" on American Idol Season 12's Top 20 performance night.

Elijah was the first to perform during Wednesday night's show (Thursday morning in Manila) and although that spot is troublesome to any contestants, he received positive comments from the judges.

Judge Keith Urban said the song suited his voice and showed a lot of control.

"I think I would be willing to stay," said Nicki Minaj. She added Elijah looks marketable and "I could imagine seeing your face on blankets and cups."

Randy Jackson said he liked Elijah's performance more than last week, but thinks the performance "never left first gear."

Mariah Carey enjoyed Elijah's performance, adding she likes that he picks songs that has intimate lyrics. "I really enjoyed you tonight."

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