Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Follow the light, adapt to change and shine your way' (Movie review for 'The Croods')

"The Croods" is the newest animated film produced by Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox (Wow, my two favorite producers when it comes to Animated 3D collaborate).

The film is about a caveman family who lived because they were careful and secured by the Father during the pre-historic era and then, they'd to face the near end of the world and they need to come out of their comfort zone and home with the help of this wise teen "person" named Guy.

The plot is simple for a cartoon but the audiences in all ages will relate to the humor of this film because the witty element of this movie contains in-laws matter, over-eager children and teen love connections and other stuffs related to modern families.

The dubbing is great. Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and other voice actors involved in this animated film did their very effective and realistic characterization.

The 3D is definitely amazing, (that's why I love Dreamworks) there are a lot of things popping out. It's worth to watch in 3D. The visuals are astonishing and terrific as well as the whole animation.

I really like the musical scoring on this film, it adds tension, drama and laughter. I also love the theme song of this movie. It was sung by my favorite artist, Owl City and Malaysian Singer, Yuna - "Shine Your Way".

The moral lesson and the values in this film were emphasized. Viewers will learn things that will make them realize as a person; to be brave and getting outside the box. There's a scene here which made me teary-eyed. I won't spoil it, but it will make you cry hard.

All in all, "The Croods" is an excellent movie. It's a MUST SEE movie. I recommend you all to watch this bring your whole family. There's no single scene that will make you bore, I've laughed a lot while watching this film.

Rating: 9/10

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