Monday, March 4, 2013

Secret to Anne Curtis' 'dyosa' beauty revealed

She has won three major acting awards, has starred in countless commercials and advertisements in all forms of medium and had a sold-out first-time major concert. This makes Anne Curtis the ultimate star, aptly earning the moniker "diyosa" (goddess) as she goes along.

And we all know that Anne gave more justice to her "diyosa" title, moreso because of her face, rocking body and skin. To get that perfect formula of looking like a showbiz goddess, Anne entrusts her beauty needs to the best — only at Belo Medical Group.

With her daily TV appearances, Anne doesn't have the luxury of time to always put make-up on. She even admits that there were times when she goes on cam without make-up, just her signature stunning red lips. But that never seemed a problem with her. Anne regularly goes to Belo Medical Group for her facial cleaning and Powerpeel. Powerpeel by Belo uses corundum crystals to exfoliate dull and dead skin. This stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. The treatment improves age spots and fine lines. It also reduces the appearance of unwanted facial scars and gives one a stunning glow.

Who can forget Anne's animal-print swimsuit in her movie, No Other Woman? Aside from the fact that the swimsuit fits her perfectly, her waist and abs are to-die-for. Anne watches her diet and works out, of course. But that perfectly-sculpted abs and curves were created with the help of Sculptor Plus by Belo. It is a non-invasive technology that improves cellulite and tightens skin by heating fat cells in both deep and superficial layers of the skin. It melts and burns fat, tones muscles and tightens skin.

Anne is known for consistently takings risks in surprising people with what she’s going to wear. Just like her series of stunning peek-a-boo gowns. She always confidently parades these outfits because she has nothing to hide. She is well aware that plucking, shaving or waxing can lead to darkening of the armpits, chicken skin and folliculitis, and is only temporary. The best way to effectively remove hair is using lasers. Belo Medical Group has four different types of lasers for every skin type. The most popular is the Harmony laser, which is painless.

She might call herself "Annebisyosa," but with everything she has proven and how lovely she is today, "diyosa" is a more appropriate title for Anne. Even Dr. Vicki Belo agrees. To find out more of Belo Medical Group's services, call 819-BELO (2356).

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