Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nonito Donaire vs Guillermo Rigondeaux live blog, highlights, results

Reyn's Room brings you the updates of the Nonito Donaire vs Guillermo Rigondeaux fight happening at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City!

Round 1

Two fighters up for the superbantamweight championship title. Donaire in yellow, Rigo in red.

Rigo showing faster moves.

Round 2

Uppercut by Donaire grazes Rigo. Straight left hand given by Rigo, lands to Donaire's middle. Donaire becoming more defensive.

Round 3

Both fighters landing a shot at a time. Donaire got caught with a right.

Donaire showing good body moves. Rigo counterpunches Donaire's.

Donaire being more aggressive.

Body shot by Donaire. Straight right by Rigo which almost put him on the floor.

Round 4

Rigo avoided a huge left from Donaire. Rigo stifling on the outside. Quick and sharp.

Rigo just circling away from Donaire.

Exchange of blows from two fighters!! Intense!

Donaire lands an overhand left! Rigo comes back with a straight left!

Round 5

Rigo got booed by the crowd due to headlock on Donaire.

Not much action for this round. Rigo just running from Donaire. That gives Donaire problems.

Round 6

Donaire showing more lively feet moves.

Rigo pulling a lot on Donaire's head. Referee warns. Then another snap on Donaire's! Takes a huge left cross from Rigo.

Obviously the round goes to Rigo.

Round 7

Rigo keeps hitting Donaire on the head. Donaire getting more aggressive in giving punches.

Rigo dances away from Donaire's punches.

Donaire's left eye showing puffiness.

HBO scorecard says Rigo owns all 6 rounds.

Rigo got booed for just running away from Donaire.

Round 8

HBO statistics shows Donaire has landed 21.8% on power punches, Rigo on 33.5%

Rigo taking away Donaire's offenses.

Rigo always running away. He is taking time knowing he's on the lead.

Round 9

Robert Garcia tells Donaire to throw more punches. He's not that "flashy" enough.

Strong left hook by Donaire but missed., Rigo backs up and gives a punch to Donaire's chest.

Donaire getting more aggressive, but frustrated. Another big right but missed. Rigo too slick.

Round 10

Donaire gives straight left, KNOCKS RIGO DOWN!

Rigo runs away for safety. Donaire showing more power! Lands another straight left!

Donaire looking more fierce, wanting to end the fight with a knock out!

Round goes to Donaire, no doubt.

Round 11

Donaire still the aggressive fighter. Rigo always dancing away.

Rigo gives combination punches. Donaire not able to find himself much.

Round 12

Last round!

Donaire could have got poked. He covers his right eye. Throws a right.

Rigo targeting Donaire's right eye.

Donaire on the ropes.

End of Round 12. Rigo declares himself winner. His camp either.

HBO stats show Donaire threw 82/352 total punches against Rigo's 129/396.

RIGO WINS via unanimous decision.

Scorecard: 114-113, 115-112 and 116-111

Punch stats:

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