Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video of 'Gwiyomi' boy taking off wig after getting caught by father goes viral

A video of an assumed gay boy doing the popular "Gwiyomi" act has gone viral hours after the owner himself uploaded it on Facebook.

Macky Lopez' blooper video shows him doing the "Gwiyomi" in the first 30 seconds of the clip with wig and paddings on his chest. It was liked and shared over 40,000 times in the social networking site.

His cutesy dance eventually changed into an awkward, "Teach Me How To Dougie"-like dance as his father came inside the room. He quickly stripped off his wig and told his father "Andun sila Mikay sa labas. Nasa labas sila Mikay."

Ready to laugh? Watch the video below. Unfortunately, the original video on Facebook has been deleted, so here's a copy of the video on YouTube instead.

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