Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Statement of Manila Mayor-Elect Joseph Estrada

" I thank the great people of Manila for putting a true son of Manila at the helm of the Philippine capital city.
Today, you have all shown that you want to see the rebirth of Manila as the Queen City of the Pacific, the Pearl of the Orient.
This is both a challenge and a full weight of responsibility hanging over all our shoulders, mine especially, and of the set of officials you have elected into office.
Dear ManileƱos, I will not fail you. I was born in Manila, and I will die working to bring back the glory and pride to Manila.
I thank you for all your support. But I also ask you to continue to support me now more than ever. I could not have won this post without you, and I can never succeed without your full support. Tonight, we are all one family of ManileƱos, united in dreams and aspirations.
I don’t want to give you false hope. The challenge to make Manila great again is not an easy task. The work and resources needed to do that is as stormy as the turbulent waters of historic Manila Bay. But tonight, you have voted to support me and to work with me, and that is the great start of a journey to make Manila deserving of its historic and political importance for the entire Philippine archipelago.
With the many problems facing Manila, I, Joseph Ejercito “Erap” Estrada and my official family led by Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, as well as my own family, promise to work harder than I have ever done in my past loftier political positions. This is because Manila is truly in my heart.
Thus, starting tomorrow, I am asking my worthy political opponents and the entire 1.6 million people in Manila to finally leave politics behind, and to rally behind me in putting Manila back to the pedestal of being once one of the greatest cities of the world, the Paris of Asia.
Tomorrow we wake up to the dawning of a new Manila.
Mabuhay ang Maynila!"
Erap garnered 343,993 votes over Lim's 308,544. His running-mate, Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno won by over 100,000 votes to Lou Veloso.

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