Monday, June 17, 2013

Dad watches as teen son rapes woman inside their house

A 19-year-old man is facing a scandalous situation after allegedly raping a 28-year-old woman inside their house, as his father only watched over the crime Saturday night in Navotas City.

Navotas Police Station identified the suspect as Wilfredo Cabigao Jr., a student, and resides in Brgy. San Jose in the said city while the victim was identified as "Mayet."

Initial investigation showed around 7 p.m. when the suspect invited his friends, including Mayet, to a drinking session at their house.

After a few hours, when most of them were already drunken, the suspect accompanied them home while Mayet was left at their house asleep in the sofa at the sala.

When the suspect returned, he then took a chance to molest the victim. Awaken, Mayet tried to resist but the suspect was too strong.

The suspect's father, identified as Wilfredo Cabigao, Sr., 46, then went out of his room but instead of stopping his son, he allegedly just watched over and looked if anyone was outside their house.

The victim even shouted for his help, thinking she was not seen by him, but the father continued on watching over as his son raped her.

After the incident, Mayet found a chance to escape as both men tried to get her back.

But the victim was able to seek help to the nearby barangay hall, reason for the two to get caught. They are now in the custody of Navotas Police Station and are facing rape charges.

In an interview, Cabigao Jr. denied the accusation saying he and his father was already asleep after the drinking session. "Nagising lang kami na parang may tao sa labas kaya sinilip namin baka may nagnanakaw, hindi ko po alam na nasa bahay pa pala si Mayet."

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